Friday, December 21, 2012

starting over...CJ 30day PUSH challenge: Day 1

day 1 - what are your values? what do you want people to know you for? whats most important to you? what are the guiding principles in your life? what do you want to be remembered by? what is your calling?

i believe that health and health care are basic rights, not privileges for the affluent. i want to be remembered for inspiring others to reach for their goals and achieve beyond their wildest imagination. i want to be remembered as caring, down to earth; a role model who is okay with going against the status quo if it means true happiness and doing what's right. resourceful, ambitious; go-getter. a transformer of sorts. someone who leaves a trail of purpose and accomplishment as a guide for others to find their own voices and life contributions. i want to be remembered as the girl who EVERY day questioned her purpose in the phd program and STILL SUCCEEDED in spite of doubt, hardships, and at times, lack of support. i value being a visionary and a leader of sorts...

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