Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 1 Water Fast

So.... here I am. Back on day 1 of my water fast. I've successfully completed a 4- and 3- day water fast in the last few months. Now I'm attempting an extended fast in hopes of reducing inflammation and getting control of my sugar cravings once and for all. Truly, sugar is my addiction.  That sweet junky monkey just won't get off my back. But this time, I'm ready to fight it. It won't be easy, so I plan to capture my thoughts here throughout the process.

It's 1030am CST, and I'm at the Dallas Love Field airport. I've had only one 24oz bottle of Life water so far, and I'm feeling great.  The hard part will come once I'm with coworkers that want to eat and drink everything in the evenings. My short term goal is to get through Friday night. My long term goal will be 30 days. Yes, 30 days. I want to experience the clarity and energy that I've heard about with extended fasts. Plus I want to get this waist snatched ;o) Let's see what happens.'s now 1030pm CST in Corpus Christi.  I had only water today. Roughly 64 oz thus far, but I will try and get more down overnight.  A mild headache set in this evening, much sooner than I anticipated. A sign that my body is looking for sugar. Ironically, I'm not hungry right now. More sleepy than anything else. I'm distracted, since I know I need to write, but am anxious about the day to come. Wedding plans. Car service. Other things racing through my mind. Oh well. Peace will come soon enough.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

90 days and counting... before our destination wedding!

Eeekkkkk! Only 90 days until the big day! There are only a 1000 things left to do before then... 👀