Sunday, May 17, 2009

11 months on lock down...

i'm a month shy of my one-year loc-versary....funny how i used to think that a year was such a LONG time to wait.... i remember when i first started researching sisterlocks back in may '08...wondering how long it would take my hair to lock....wondering if i could stick with my locs long enough to see them mature....wondering if i'd get bored and go back to the days of perms and braids....wondering what i would do if i didn't like the end result....i fretted so much before having my locks installed. looking back, i only wish that i had locked my hair sooner.

much to my joy, i've never regretted my decision to get sisterlocked once. i was locked in june '08. my hair took to locs SO well - no slippage! no problems, no issues (except occasional dry scalp). my hair began locking 4-5 months into the process. my consultant used to say that i had "perfect locs" because of the density and texture of my hair (who knew how great nappy hair could be?!). i began diy retightening back in dec '08, using the nappylocs kit and youtube videos as a guide....never did take the SL class... yep, me and my hair have come a long way...

in time, i've realized...

* my hair always looks good, whether i style it or not, whether it's freshly tightened or not. even on a "bad hair day," a quick wash freshens my locs and sets 'em back on track.

* i love walking in the rain when it's warm outside (and watching everyone else take cover. yeah, umbrellas are optional)

* even though i have open ends and my center part is off-center, my SLs are perfectly imperfect and fit me to a "T"

* i can never wear a wig again (at least not while i still have my natural hair). i tried, but it's just not me anymore.

* i love the feel of my bf playing with my hair. (he was hesitant to play with my wigs & weaves for obvious reasons)

* i enjoy styling my hair more now than ever (i used to HATE combing my hair, hence the wigs and braids of past lives)

* diy is not as scary as i first thought it was. with practice and care, i've learned to minimize my use of hair scissors to, um, correct mistakes ;o)

* i think i'm ready to test a conditioner, but still cautious about ruining my hair

do you have any words of wisdom gained since you locked your hair?

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