Saturday, December 22, 2012

CJ 30day PUSH challenge: Day 2

(Life) Priorities – 30 Day Challenge worksheet

1. Priority Brainstorm: Use the area below to list any and all areas of importance to you in your life today. The bigger the list the better! Think about what makes you happy, what gives you pride, what you wish to be remembered by at the end of your life, what you want people to know was most important to you. Consider what makes you feel good about yourself, gives you confidence and what gives you pride.

*health  *family  | *relationship  | financial security  education   *motivating others to change their lives  | *home ownership  having children

2. Now star the top five areas of importance to you.
3. Next, write down your top three priorities in no particular order– Use just a few words like, “faith”, “family”, “Helping the underprivileged” , “Creating financial security for my family” “Helping others” “My health and fitness”, etc.
4. Rewrite the above list in order of importance to you.

My number one priority: my health
My number two priority: my relationship
My number three priority: motivating others

5. Take the priority you’ve listed as number one and complete the following statements:

The reason why I have placed the greatest importance on this area of my life is because: without my health, I do not have the strength and will to achieve all my other goals. With better health, I will have more energy and motivation to accomplish whatever I set my mind to.

I will honor my number one priority by vowing to do my best to always: take care of myself first. Get enough sleep. Exercise daily. Reduce intake of sweets, junk food/fast food.

The following action(s) would be inconsistent with my commitment to my number one priority: staying up late to complete assignments. stopping at fast food restaurants instead of going to the grocery store for fresh produce. skipping workouts.

To honor my number on priority I will limit: fast food/junk food. procrastination. taking on the problems and issues of other people.

To live my life according to my number one priority I need to make the following changes: GET ORGANIZED. plan better and stick to my timelines as best as possible. still get adequate rest and increase water intake.

6. Be as detailed as possible. Create a Top Priority clarity statement in the space below:

My number one priority is to become active and engaged in my own health by spending time to take care of me, getting regular massages, getting proper sleep and rest, drinking a gallon of water per day, exercising 30 min a day (even if just walking), favoring a plant-based diet.

Friday, December 21, 2012

starting over...CJ 30day PUSH challenge: Day 1

day 1 - what are your values? what do you want people to know you for? whats most important to you? what are the guiding principles in your life? what do you want to be remembered by? what is your calling?

i believe that health and health care are basic rights, not privileges for the affluent. i want to be remembered for inspiring others to reach for their goals and achieve beyond their wildest imagination. i want to be remembered as caring, down to earth; a role model who is okay with going against the status quo if it means true happiness and doing what's right. resourceful, ambitious; go-getter. a transformer of sorts. someone who leaves a trail of purpose and accomplishment as a guide for others to find their own voices and life contributions. i want to be remembered as the girl who EVERY day questioned her purpose in the phd program and STILL SUCCEEDED in spite of doubt, hardships, and at times, lack of support. i value being a visionary and a leader of sorts...

Juice Feast/Fast?

...I's been a long time since I last checked in. Lots has transpired this year.  And when I really look back and think about all that has happened, this hasn't been the easiest year by far. But, I've been blessed and grateful to have made it through.  Though I know situations are far from over, I still look forward to what will come.

To help set the new year in motion, I've decided to change things up a bit. I've already gotten the house organized, making plans for a successful spring semester. And I want to get my health back. I don't know what I've been doing the last several months, but I haven't been appreciating myself like I should, treating my body right. So....I'm contemplating a long-term juice fast.  I know, I know, why would I do this days before Christmas, or New Year's for that matter? The short answer is, I need to get my health in check like yesterday. The long answer, I need to know that no matter what else is going on in life, I can keep my health as a #1 priority. I haven't done that in sooo long. I worry more about Stacy's health than my own. Neither one of us is particularly healthy at the current moment. All year I've told myself, "tomorrow. next week. sometime soon." i can't keep putting myself on hold. with school being out, now is a good time to get started. slow, but surely i need to be better to myself...

Friday, September 14, 2012

like big sis...

if you know a little sister (or have ever been one), you know that the younger sister never lets the older sister take in all the fun.  from the moment we're born, the sibling rivalry is on, particularly with two girls.  yeah, you have your "that's-my-sister-can't-nobody-come-between-us!-me-and-you-is-half-a-heart" moments, but your sibling is the first true competitor you come into the world with - fighting over who uses the bathroom first, who has to wash dishes that night, who wore who's shirt (and tried to act like they didn't!).  in the spirit of competition, we believe from an early age that whatever my big sis can do, i can do too.  what's mine is mine (cuz you're the baby of the family) and what's her's is mine (hand-me-down's, etc.).  we [younger sisters] don't believe in the older sister having something that we don't  have or letting the older sibling bask in all of the limelight, if nothing more than out of fear of being left out or left behind.  yes, NYE, this may be a surprise to you, but everything from me reading "big girl" books and dancing at the Rink was a reflection of me making my equality known.  unfortunately, this attitude was also reflected in my eating habits as a child.  though my sister is 4 years older than me, I was practically the same size (if not bigger) as my sister from the time I was a pre-teen.  we ate most of the same foods (through high school, anyway) and I never really questioned whether i should or my sister has embarked on her own weight loss journey.  and just as i followed her footsteps in the past, im going to follow her footsteps now and take control of my weight.  i CANNOT continue to allow this phd program to slowly take my health away.  i have approx 4 months before my birthday, and the best gift i could give to myself is the gift of longevity and good health.  and it doesnt start tomorrow.  it starts NOW in this very moment. im not going to pretend that i plan to do everything perfectly and in order (if i could, i'd already be where i want to be), but looking at my family members battle with different obesity-related problems lets me know that i need to make changes ASAP!  and to top it off, i can't let my sister look cute by herself :) she needs some company in that spotlight :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012