Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

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1) i LOVE to travel! i've been to the regular touristy spots (Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, etc.) and took a cruise through the bahamas, but i also had the opportunity to travel for service. my first international service trip was to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala in 2001. last december, i went to Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. my next service trip is scheduled for dec 2008 to San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador. one day, i'll go to Brazil and New Zealand and maybe tour the Mediterranean Sea...but that'll be for pleasure ;o)

2) i love watching documentaries, especially concerning the Black/African/African American experience, but about social movements in general. ya gotta know about where the world has been to understand the direction our world is going (and in some ways, we seem to be moving backwards...)

3) i like watching (American) football. i usually post up with my loved ones on sundays to watch the game. i'm rooting for the Bears this season, but it doesn't look like they're gonna make it today...i'm not as bad as my mother though. she actually bets on the game regularly ;o) i like watching boxing too, especially the light- and featherweights. they seem to fight the hardest.

4) i like to ice skate. in fact, Chicago is a great city for outdoor ice skating in the winter...i'm by no means an olympian skater, but i can do a turn or two on the ice.

5) i listen to all forms of music, except traditional country, acid rock, and techno. (yes, there is a difference between Chicago deep house and techno - and i consider myself to be a young, old skool househead)

6) i've always wanted to try hang gliding, but i could never in life imagine bungee jumping. go figure.

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