Tuesday, August 26, 2008

when did you KNOW that you were ready?

check out my first attempt at doing a strawset with pipe cleaners...i managed to find some black ones over the weekend and tried them out overnight...whaddya think? (btw, my hair isn't colored, but the last pic makes me wanna to try it out)

...i was sold on sisterlocks from the moment i began researching them in may '08. i spent a few weeks stalking lockitup, fotki albums, and blogs, then decided to take the plunge...somehow, the decision to lock seemed so much more difficult than my decision to stop perming my hair. braids, twists, cornrows, etc. made the transition from perms to natural hair quite easy...but locks are so much more permanent. i was scared to lock out of fear that i wouldn't like my hair and would have to later cut it off (my head is way too big for a buzz cut! lol!) but sisterlocks offers all the styling versatility i've been looking for without the fuss of having to comb hair everyday (or for hours a week - that's precious sleep time in the morning!)...my only regret is that i didn't know about sisterlocks sooner...

since i've been locked down, others around me have been contemplating the same decision. everyone's at different points in their hair journeys...some not willing to let go of their perms quite yet ("girl, i like your hair, but i couldn't do that...") some already natural, but not ready to lock ("i don't know if that would look good on me...you have the face for it") some who've been locked, but wish they knew of sisterlocks before they started ("i want parts like yours")...people lock their hair for all kinds of reasons and circumstances...

...when did you KNOW that you were ready for locks? do you think you would have been ready sooner? where are you in your hair journey?


Naturally KiKi said...

I first encountered Sisterlocks back in 1999 when my mother had them installed in her hair. At first, I didn't like them. But, they quickly grew on me as I watched my mother's hair go through various stages. The end result...she had beautiful, healthy, long locks that she could style in so many ways. So...at the beginning of this year, when I got tired of perm damaging my hair and decided to go natural, I knew EXACTLY the route I would take...Sisterlocks. It has only been 2 days since the birth of my Sisterlocks, but I've enjoyed the journey thus far! Looking forward to years of freedom!!!

anthia-ofo said...

I discovered sls in 2004 and fell in love. It was hard to find conultants here(UK) and when I did I could not afford or travel to them. So I braidlocked my hair for over 2yrs. Then some problems started showing so I took them down determined to get sls, which was my 1st love. It was the right time bc, I had the money and access to a consultant this time round.

Ezme said...

The whole of my fathers family are Ras so for me i was running in the opposite direction. I didn't want to look like my cousins, uncles and aunts, so i ran into relaxer kit after relaxer kit and by the time i turned 18 i had stoppped running i decided to locks however i have very soft hair and the palm rolls were not working. After 3 attempts i just kept it natural (but always colored...i hate my natural hair colour.... black can be so boring)) and left it at that. It wasn't till a few months ago that i came to see SL's as i was researhing how to locks and make it stay without beeswax (i think locks is in my blood). So in June i had them installed and funnily enough i feel so fulfilled and my fathers side are elated. Jah Rastafari (lol)
Stay Blessed

Naturally Free said...

For me it was an easy choice, for sometime I knew I wanted to lock my hair, I just didn't know which way I wanted to do it! So I researched the internet back in July, I looked up blogs everyday, then I found a certified consultant in St. Louis called and had my consultation on Wednesday August 6th and on Saturday August 9t I got my sister locks and I have not looked back!

anthia-ofo said...

You've been tagged - by me! The rules are on my blog.

Tonia said...

You know my story with Cass, but I couldn't find your email to ask you about the finger combing out........help a white mama!! lol I don't know how to do that, but sounds cute and like I can get two styles out of one!!
You have been a huge blessing to me, and I am thankful!!

Saabira said...

I tagged you and now your it!!! Check out my blog to see the rules.

MsNappiNique said...

Hi I stumbled on to your blog and wanted to show some love Nappi style.

Now maybe I don't know enough... But I don't know the differences in loc styles other than size. What makes a Sisterlock... a SisterLock?

Hmmmm to answer your question... When did I know?

I just started without anyone else in ear telling me to wait... or asking why would I do that, or advising that should wear the 'Low Reg.' again. I've been natural since 2002 but I made my decision to Loc after a few weeks of having the dread twists in. I started 6/23/08 and I am going through my various styles withdrawl like the 2strand twists, and cornrows, BushMohawks, afros, and braids. I don't regret loc'ing, just miss the options I used to have.
Now I am still in transition (I think I'm almost out of Phase I), I have the frizzies, the loose strands, the unraveling, it's uneven... but I am still happy with it. I will admit that I am impatient so I am ready for it to be nice and neat like I see in the pictures where the hairline isn't frizzy and wiry strands are loc'd up and controlled.... I am sooo ready for that, but I'm holding on.

So I keep looking for blogs like this for encouragement, and hope :-)

Keep doin' ya' thing and sharing your journey's and spreading the word about Da Natural... It's a beautiful thang!!

Kelle said...

I have been a glamor girl since I was allowed to wear eyeliner and heels. I have always admired those with dreads but never thought I had the "kind of beauty" to rock the look. over the years I have explored weaves, wigs, braids, and the range or hair colors but only recently I did something different. After growing out my perm under a lace front wig for about four months, I took my wig off. I randomly washed my hair and walked around the house for an entire weekend with no make-up and no wig. I passed myself in the dining room mirror and saw a person I had not seen in years and it was me, AND I was beautiful.

At that moment I was okay with my beauty and saw that I was the kind of woman that could be natural and gorgeous. For me this wasn't just about hair. I have become a much stronger, confident woman in this journey.

Over the past five months since I began my locs my world has truly found a new level of peace. I am a working mother of four, and a military wife.