Friday, February 12, 2010

appreciation, revisted

...i can pay my own light bill baby...can kill the spider above my bed...i can even stain and polyurethane...but some things just don't change. i need you, yeah. sometimes so hard to say. oh i need you. some things remain...

as independent and self-sufficient as i wanna be,
nothing can replace
the loving embrace
from the man standing next to me.
i can flourish
all by my lonesome, you see,
yet, with his super strength supporting me,
i'm scraping skies
and reaching beyond new galaxies.
even as i'm superwoman to the power of 3
nothing can substitute
the supreme, sublime feeling
of his love enveloping me.
physically only 5 foot 3,
still i rise taller
than the biggest giant you've ever seen
when he's standing firmly next to me.
he's my best thing to happen
in a long time,
i may not say it often enough,
but today i felt the need,
"thank you for being you,
thank you more for loving me."


NubianLockedPrincess said...

Welcome back! Please post pix!

luvlockd said...

hey nubian! pics are coming...