Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Geni Tree is Growing!

I am so grateful to my girl for introducing me to this On this website you can create a permanent online record of your family history. Initially, I thought this site would be kinda fun to play around with; I had no idea how wonderful this website was! I've been hooked on it since day 1. Further, I've managed to connect with family I haven't heard from in years. Most importantly, I encouraged my sister to find her father's family members. She never had a relationship with her father because my mother divorced him while she was still a baby. Though my father raised her like his own, she always wondered about the man she looked like....Unfortunately, we found out a couple days ago that he passed back in 1984. The good news is my sister was able to talk to her aunts and a couple of her cousins. The ironic thing in all of this: her father had two other daughts whom he named after my sister's namesake. Yes, this man has a daughter named Nikkoe and two others named Nicole. Indeed, he was a strange man. (I personally think it's tacky that the man has three children with virtually the same name, but still kinda endearing how he never forgot his first born baby girl.) either way, i'm happy for her. and looking forward to meeting more of my own family members...our family tree looks so complex, with 2nd and 3rd marriages branching off into other family trees. some folks have kids with no mention of a partner one of my older relatives stated, "we are truly a special family".

by the way, i'm 8 weeks locked and loving it!


Maryee said...

Yes Geni is addictive. My 2nd cousin invited me and I've had a field's day adding content. I need to make a post about it as well or add it to the LHBE. Take care!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Welcome To LHBE. Your Sisterlocks look great. I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to seeing your progress. Take care

DJT said...

Welcome home Sista! I am a nurse too! good luck in your career!